Would a guy love a borderline girl?

however she is too creative, very intelligent and those are also characteristics of borderline ! and her beauty is noticed by everyone besides she would change her looks a lot to stay beautiful and not boring all the time


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  • Are you talking about the personality disorder? I had to Google borderline.

    • yea unfortunately its a disorder after all

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    • well they change when their partners lie .. and become not trustworthy

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  • what do you mean 'too' creative?

    • artistic , well I m too talented at drawing

    • too? what do you mean too? too mans too much. its not good. being artistic is good. so I'm confused./

  • Yes a guy would love a borderline girl, but if these charactheristics of your are very strong and obvious, honestly NOT many guys would dare to love you (there will be but not many). If they aren't obvious and you never mention about them, they'll just see you like any other girls and will definitely love you :)

    And don't let your charactheristics get into your head. People may think that you come across as a show off, and that puts people off.


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