What hair conditoner? Also am I using too much??

I have thick Asian hair.

I don't have a weird Asian hair style. I don't know what kind of hair style that I have but I like it thinner on the sides and taller on the top. To make my face look more squarish... on the jaws.If my hair isn't well conditioned... my hair will make my face look round...

What hair conditioner do you use? Girls and Guys?

i use basic Head and Shoulders (shampoo and conditioner) and Pantine Pro-V hair conditioner.


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  • I use Garnier Fructise.

    Im about to work on finding the salon brands for cheap which you can usually do through sites like Ulta that have sales and discounts. Then again, I'm a girl, my hair is a bit longer and I have to be a little more stringent with the shampoo and conditioner I use.


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