Is it considering lying wearing natural color eye contacts, is it a turn off?

I like the way I am I really do, but one day just for fun me and my friend tried color eye contacts, and they really looked natural and good on me, when I went to the street guys notice me more, and 4 of them even ask for my number, I got more compliments that I get in regular days, some of them say my eyes are really beautiful and then I look really exotic, I have to tell people it's eye contacts because they don't notice it,

so if it makes me look prettier and it gets me more attention is it wrong to wear eye contacts?
P.s The color of the lenses are green and my natural color is dark brown almost black


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What Guys Said 1

  • well men consider dilated pupils as more attractive then when a girls eyes are normal, the reason behind that is our pupils dilate to let in more light or when we see some one we like. now I assume that these contacts make your eyes seem like they are always dilated. otherwise if your eyes did dilate you real pupil colour may vary well come out from behind the contact lenses colour. hope that makes sense


What Girls Said 1

  • Wait when people compliment you about your eye colour do you say it's fake?

    • yeah most of the time

    • then I think it's fine, if you feel good like that I think it's okay

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