What is your favorite style of makeup on a girl? What is the most attractive to you?

Is it none, foundation only, foundation and eyeliner and mascara, or just mascara eyeliner, or the whole ensemble? Do you like a girl with lip gloss or shiny lips? I realize this is all different for each girls face, but what is it collectively. Thanks!


Most Helpful Guy

  • None, usually. So many women are terrible at applying makeup they just make themselves look worse,. When they actually know what they're doing, it's refreshing and complimentary to their natural beauty. When used well, makeup can help a pretty girl look even prettier.


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  • as little as possible, I've said it many times, I just want to see a girls beautiful face the way it is and not have her feel like I expect her to paint her face on just to not be ugly. But as long as she's comfortable with a certain amount of makeup, I'm cool with it


What Girls Said 1

  • Guys don't know anything about makeup lol, they just want a girl who looks natural. If you want to wear makeup just make sure it looks natural and not caked on.

    • I agree with the noncaked-onness part lol. I suppose I didn't think of them not having a clue lol :D That makes sense ha ha Thanks for pointing that out!

    • Yeah, they really don't know the first think about it. I wear mascara, tinted moisturizer and blush everyday, and guys think I wear nothing. They're silly ;)

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