ok so I am going to a movie with this guy I like and he likes me to . what do I wear we are just going to the movies and shops just chilling but I don't want to look to formal or to casual I just have NO IDEA what to wear

PLEASEE help its urgent!


the weather is usually hot over here any suggestions? its also my first date haha so I'm pretty nervous!


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  • Well I don't know if its cold by you, but it is over here! And it's always chilly in theaters. So what I would suggest is classy casual.

    I'm guessing it would be night time? Regardless, jeans are appropriate. Preferably a dark wash, it's a lot dressier without being too fancy.

    As for the shirt, again I don't know what style you have. but a long sleeve semi-dressy shirt would be good. For instance. if you wear Ed Hardy a long sleeve rhinestoned Ed Hardy Shirt would be cute. Or if you're more preppy a v-neck sweater with a long scarf would also be cute.

    Shoes- I personally wear heels almost every time I go out, but if you don't want to wear heels or heeled boots. wear some sort of nicer boots. I don't own Uggs but I think they should only be worn for daytime.

    Make sure (if it's cold) have a cute jacket that doesn't deform your shape with being overly poofy!

    The key is to show off your shape without being vulgar or suggestive. it's only a movie!

    Good luck :)



    • Thank you SO MUCH I am so nervous hahah this is like my first date so I'm freakin out now and its next week lol

      your suggestions were great thank you so much the weather is weird at the moment so it can be cold but what about if its hot? what should I wear then?

      thank you!

    • Okay if it's hot outside it'll still be chilly in the theater, so stick with the dark jeans. Opt for a short sleeve shirt or tank top, just bring a sweater. Again it depends on you're style... an ed hardy tank top or a striped or patterned one would be fine. Make sure to bring the sweater if its chilly... and make sure its cute and fitted as well. Oh and have fun with jewelry! A plain solid tank top can look great with bold earrings. Good luck hun! Regards.

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  • Clothes? But seriously don't dress up to fancy just I guess jeans and a t shirt or even regular shorts =)


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  • I would say a nice pair of blue jeans.with a tank top. maybe even a little thin over jacket for the tank top as well. I would go casual. you want to be comfrontable.

  • Well you shouldn't like sell youreslf, man.

    Like a little skin is fine, you know? but don't like wear a small tank top or anything hahaha

    Depends on what kind of guy he is.

    I mean sexual appeal is not something you're going for. You want more of domething that brings out your eyes and your best features. Don't wear any absurd colors either.something neutral.

    • Thanks so much! I am not like that anyway hahah I'm pretty covered up but I show skin just not anything too vulgar and revelling lol

      so what about if its hot? do you think a dress is appropriate?

  • jeans and a nice shirt. you wanna look nice for him. and show you can look cute but be casual.

  • i would wear just a cute pair of jeans and a flirty top. without showing to much boobage.

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