Sex and the City? Favorite Characters?

For all you sex and the city fans...

Who is your favorite one

1) Samantha Jones

2) Miranda Hobbes

3) Charlotte York

4) Carrie Bradshaw

5) Stanford Blatch

Most attractive character of the 5 above?

Also..who is your favorite significant other?

1) Mr. Bigg aka John Preston

2) Steve Brady

3) Aidan Shaw

4) Richard Wright

5) Jack Berger

6) Aleksandr Petrovsky

7) Harry Goldenblatt

8) Trey MacDougal

9) Maria Reyes

10) Skipper Johnson

11) Robert Leeds

12) James

13) Smith Jarod

Alright, so my favorite character is probably Samantha Jones followed by Carrie. Charlotte is boring and Miranda is a little too much of a bitch, although her character is very entertaining. Again, I find Samantha Jones the most attractive, but Carrie has the best body. My favorite lover would probably be Aidan Shaw and Smith Jarod.


Most Helpful Guy

  • i don't know what her name is but I like that hot redhead lawyer chick

    • lol Miranda. I like her too. she's just kind of a douche sometimes. She is hot...sometimes though she looks a little sloppy. she looks best when her hair is that deep red color and it's not too short. also when she wears dark makeup she looks good. she looks good in dark colors.

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What Guys Said 3

  • Let's see, the characters are: only the female ones) !. Slut 2. Semi-lesbian, cold fish rich bitch 3. Confused 'good girl.' always trying to emulate the slut. 4. Two timer.

    What;s to really LIKE about any of these? Guarantee very few guys will like any of them.

    The fact women identify with nearly all..well, says something about modern US women.

  • I like the redhead lawyer. I like redheads. She is much more attractive with longer hair.

    I don't like Carrie I think that she's oogly. The other blond is to far out there for me. The brunette seems like a nice girl that you could take anywhere & have fun with even take home & not be embarrassed.

    • Miranda is kind of crabby...i enjoy her character, but I probably wouldn't like her in life. I love carrie,but she's kind of selfish at times. Samantha is hilariious! she's always entertaining. and Charlotte is kind of neh, but at the same time I kinda like her.

  • Charlotte. I like the traditional girl types. Also that part where she was pleasuring herself in front of kyle maclaughlin was friggin hot as hell.

    • who is that?

    • I think his name was Trey in the show. Been awhile since I watched the show. The actor was also in Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet.

What Girls Said 2

  • i like charlotte the most because I can relate to her more

    • Yea me too. she has the best values, but her character is a little boring.

    • it is and she's a bit annoying sometimes

  • I loveee Samantha Jones.

    Even though she's nothing like me, she's the kind of woman I wish I could be. She goes after what she wants & makes no apologies. Miranda is too much of a workaholic, Charlotte is too straightedge, Carrie makes me want to facepalm when it comes to her dating & relationship ventures, & Stanford is just amusing.

    And as for guys... AIDAN Shaw. I'm so mad Carrie let him go. :-( He was perfect & sweet & never treated her like crap like Bigg did. He got her a laptop, took her away to his cabin for weekend visits, bought their apartments & renovated them, proposed, gave her space when she needed it, etc. and all Carrie did was push him away. I would love to be with a real life Aidan.

    • he's definately the nicest guy carrie ever dated, but things worked out well for carrie and big in the end.

    • I guess so but they already had problems in their marriage 1 year into it after seeing SATC2. And he left her on their wedding day in SATC the movie. :-/ I dislike Big.

    • yea big is kind of a douche.

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