Cute or pretty/beautiful girls?

I know in the end when a man loves a woman, she's "beautiful" but just out of curiosity, which is more appealing to men, the cute ones or the pretty ones?


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  • Cute is a funny word. It can mean a girl is adorable/very attractive, or some people will use as a "nicer" way of saying, you're "alright looking, nothing special".

    Guys like pretty/beautiful girls... What is perceived as attractive can be a bit subjective. Not all guys have the same type. I've felt some girls that other guys see as a "perfect 10", to be about a 6 or 7 in my eyes, and I'm sure there are guys that aren't into what I like, as much too...

    At the end of the day, guys like a girl who's beauty sparks up an emotional response and/or reaction within them. A combination of looks AND personality, including the way she treats the guy and acts around him. But often times, yes, the girl is quite pretty/above-average looking...

    • ...a guy will always find an attractive girl cute, but not necessarilly a cute girl, attractive...

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  • Cute ones! When I see a cute girl I just feel like I want to kiss her to dead.

    Pretty and beautiful are two different things for me.

    Pretty Girls are like yeah pretty but that's it like I don't look at their body.

    and a Beautiful woman are like models, with a pretty face and a beautiful body..

    I personally wounldt date a beautiful woman.. They look like... old.. or something..

  • I'd honestly say either one but if I had to choose I'd say beautiful.

    Here's a picture of a celeb that I think looks cute. link

    One that looks beautiful. link

    *Note not all guys may think these girls are cute and/or beautiful.

  • I like cute girls the most.

    • Maybe because they look sweet and innocent, which are also personality traits I admire. Not sure why I like them the most. I have never really thought about why, I like them the most before.

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  • LOVE to know


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