Do guys always assume you're interested if you look a little bit?

My boyfriend seems to think that just because women sometimes look at other men, that tells the man that he can get the girl easily..That it apparently puts a man in a mind frame of, " Oh I can get at her easily, she ready, she ain't payin attention to her man." Do yall seriously think this just Because a girl looked at you a little bit? If it is, yall need to knock down your ego a bunch of notches Because that is not the case. anyways with that said he think every time I look at somebody that is the signal I'm trying to give and I disrespect him in that way when majority of the time I don't even pay attention to who I'm lookin yall think that? What should I do?


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  • do girls always make stereotypes about all guys on here? survey says... yes

    • I ain't stereotyping, I'm going by what a guy told me, that that's what they all thinkin when a woman glances at him.

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    • Well it was him that told me that about men.

    • let's not fight.

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