Why are my friends looking at me weird?

Lately the girls I work with are starting to look at me like they are annoyed. But why? I don't understand, everyone says that everyone loves me at work and I have a beautiful personailty. All the time I ask a question about work or not, they are giving me dirty looks. Or when I'm having a regular conversation, they don't want to talk to me, they just say yeah and not talk to me. Why? what's going on? Never experience this before with my other friends. there's only two girls at work that I'm having problems with.


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  • I don't know what you call em but where I'm from we call them hater and being fake I mean your obviously beautiful and I think that they are just jealous of you and they want what you have so yea xD


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  • Maybe they don't like girls that think everyone must be jealous of how awesome they are

    • ? what do you mean exactly?

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    • It doesn't surprise me, your so full of sh*t you don't know what you are talking about anymore...

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  • It's most likely because they are jealous of you.You know how girls are.They probably are intimidated because you are pretty and you said you have a beautiful personality...so...there goes.Dont mind them...just continue to be yourself and hold your head high.


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