Best traits you like in girls or guys

Hair:Blond, Brunette, Red head, black/long, short, at shoulders

Eyes:blue, green, brown, grey, hazel, black

Height:tall, short, average

Personality: Peppy, laid back, tomboy, other(fill in the blank)

And any others yall can think of:)


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  • Anonymous but with the "YALL" we can narrow it down to Texas,

    I don't know about "all" of them or all yall but I think there is nothing better then a redhead, followed by a brunette. But it really Doesn't matter.

    I like brow hair with green eyes. (I still miss her to this day)

    Anywhere between 5'' 5" to 6'

    Just a nice personality one that gets my stupid jokes & sense of humor. ( I hope yall got my stupid sense of humor )

    I like her to athletic enough to be able to catch a ball, throw, maybe shoot some hoops or even play tennis.

    • actually I'm from Mississippi:)

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    • Hernando de Soto discovered the mississippi river in 1540. In 1682, Robert Cavelier and Sieur de la salle claimed the entire mississippi valley (which includes present day mississippi and louisiana) However, the chicksaw, choctaw, and natchez lived in mississippi before it was discovered by the french and spanish. So I guess you could say the indians discovered the land first.

    • I'm just playing with you. Thanks for being a good sport.

      Like I wrote anyone going west would have discover the mighty Mississippi (4 I's 4 S's 2 P's & 1 M)

      I always think De Soto getting credit is kind of a joke.

      The thing with the Mississippi having 4 I's... is a joke from a movie. Some people are puzzled & give it some thought.

      I told you I had a strange sense of humor. Drives some people up the walls as I'm sure it did you.

      Again I was just having some fun with YALL. Thanks for playing.

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