This cute looking guy at work looks at me sometimes and I like him

I don't know if he's interested or not, cause one time I thought this guy liked me by how and few times he looked at me..and I asked for his number and he pretty much said no..But how do I know if he likes me he don't smile neither do i..he just looks ..idk if I'm pretty


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  • That was very courageous of you to ask for his number! You got guts, girl! And guts are really sexy. If this guy doesn't see that, don't worry. Another guy will.

    If you want to know if he likes you, you need to open up a little. By open up, I mean that you should smile and say hi when you see him, Do that for like a week, maybe two, and see how he responds. Does he warm up to you? If that goes well, then move on to small talk, and see how that goes!


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  • If he said no then he's basically better off as your friend... don't make it any worse. And don't worry, Everyone's pretty. Including you.

    • nooo silly ehehe that was an example of my last guy..i "liked" this is a new one at my job I don't know if he likes me hhahah but OK thanks your sweet :)

    • Oh sorry. *walks away embarresed*

    • its OK :)

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