Just stretched my ear...

okay, so I just put a taper in my ear, 2mm. I'm thinking of going up to 4mm? what size is still attractive and not gross on a girl?


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  • still unattractive and gross? I'm sorry but you already went too far.


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  • None are attractive, but the biggest would be whatever size doesn't change the normal shape of your ear. I think that's like 00.

  • dunno much about that but w/e zero is should be the biggest period... any bigger is nasty

    • What about 00? =P That's how big mine are, and I think they generally look good, or at least not BAD, as long as the size isn't so big that it distorts the shape of the ear. And mine don't, my ears are still the same, no weird bulgy earlobes.

  • 2mm is already too much. Take it out & hope that it closes up.


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  • Not sure about sizes - but I'm sure smaller is probably better in this case. We've all seen those halo sized ear gauges - yea, what's up with those? :P

    I think a good size would be link - at the most for a girl ( I don't know how big that is)

    But I just wanted to ask - do gauges hurt? Like when their stretching, being stretched?

    • um I use a taper when I'm stretching, it's like a long plastic spike that you just slowly push into your piercing hole. Yeah mine hurt, but not for long and it didn't hurt enough for me to cry, just like a stinging.

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    • Yep ^^ tnx for answering my questions :D

    • no problem :)

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