How do I dress to impress and win over people with my influence?

I going to have to become even more magnetic and charismatic then I already and a little flamboyant without flame flame!

The wizard of oz is filming in the Detroit area and it staring johnny deep and I if I should try out ?
the Detroit area is so vibrant right with all movie being shoot in my area.

I have in last 10 years or so ,so many moving shooting just down street from my house I want become a part of it. and the Detroit area great talent in acting and music!
this you " hell no! you CANT have all this talent because I don't so your full of yourself!"


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  • make sure you wear that hat

  • I'll be shocked if you don't get the star role

    • really! hell johny depp is getting it lol with a million dollar contract

      their is no way in heck I could get the leading role lol

    • As soon as they see you they're gonna drop that poser

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