What do you do about a thinning hairline?

Just about every guy I've dated has had a thinning hairline or a bald spot forming on their head! Why? What can be done about it?


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  • health food store supplements for hair

    • Ok, thanks :) Do you recommend a specific kind?

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    • Sure. my hair is all on my head still ;-). hope you do too.

    • :-) Thanks

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  • It certainly is a turn off for "most" women but not all. I think if you're already in love with them and then it happens, it doesn't matter but if you meet them like it it's not necessarily a deal maker! :o) Could be alopecia?

    As shallow as it is, if it bothers you, you shouldn't be dating them because you obviously don't find it attractive, or in the very least it bothers you. I know you're obviously doing the right thing and not judging a book by it's cover but you have to be attracted/sexually attracted to someone as well!

    You could just stop dating men with thinning hairlines or bald spots (I'm just kidding). There's always a toupe, spray-on hair, hair plugs, cosmetic hair implants?

    So you're 18-24, I'm curious.are you dating men a lot older or they're young but it runs in the family?

    • My boyfriend is 19. My ex was 19. One of my other exes was 31 so he doesn't count. One of my exes is my age. They all had a balding problem, and I hate shaved heads, I think it looks awful. It's not everybody I date, but I thought maybe somebody out there might know.

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    • Lol, I hope not :) I'm thinking since it's linked to androgens and stress that it's a hormonal thing... So there should be a hormonal balance that works.

    • Balding is a genetic trait which at this moment has NO CURE. it cannot be cured, but there are medications that can slow down the hair loss or stop it on a certain condition (such as propecia, but the downside is that you need to take it for the rest of your life and if you stop you will lose all the hair it kept you from losing) and ways to replace hair that has been lost such as a hair transplant. Losing hair for men is as natural as women gaining weight as they get older.

  • There was this dude I knew, and he had that problem. He was only 18, and I thought that that was not fair. He looked older, much older than he was. I know looks aren't and shouldn't be everything, but I really felt bad for him.