What importance holds the height of the guy?

For all you short girls out there (5'6 or less), how do you feel about what a guy's height should be.

Are you too self-conscious and and thus do you want a much taller guy. Or do you prefer someone who isn't that much taller.

I'm only 5'6 and see that as the biggest problem for girls to be interested in me.
Well, 5'2, 5'3 is what I'm aiming for.
Any of you girls single? :p
toulouse, how did you get all that from tiger saying that you're old? You really read way too much into some of the answers here.
You're long ass post kinda prooves my point.

I'm not looking for your respect, no offence it's nothing personal. This is just a website with a bunch of strangers.

I strongly come out for my opinion and I know that it can come over as "I'm right, you're wrong." HOwever hat asn't the case here.

All he did was say "wow that's old". There's no way for you to know he did the thumbs down thing.

You jut read that one sentence, and naturally assumed he looks down on older people in these many ways. thi
thinkthinks all those negative statements you placed. Just like you attacked me for presumably degrading women and looking at them as sex objects. Just for stating a fantasy.

Yu havve the right to your own opinion. But don't attack people out of the blue with all these crazy assumptions you got from one lign.
You keep misunderstanding me. You can think what you want, that doesn't mean you have to write down everything you think. You're attacking people without precedent. It's simply bad manners.


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  • First of all I'm glad you do realize that it's not you who has a problem but them.

    Im 5'5 and I must admit that is a huge turn off for me, but the only reason for that is because I'm not petite so a short guy will make me feel like a sumo.

    I go for bigger boys to make ME feel better, even though shorter guys usually are in a much better shape (just because they actually do care about it lol ).

    And girls who don't have a problem with that are usually very comfortable in their own skin and don't need a man to make up for their insecurities :)


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  • You missed the point. being #1. 57 is not old- unless you are really clueless. #2. 57 has nothing to do with answering the question, except that a 57 year old would have more experience. the fact someone gave a down arrow, suggested being old was an issue #3. In addition, he commented on my answer- so I responded. Anyways what difference could it possibly make to you what I say.

    Someone sad something & I responded. For the record I wrote back immediately so there's technically no time for 'too much' anything.

    In any case, if you 'do not know' why or how someone is thinking something, I hardly see you as being an authority on the mater, or having insight as to what I should do with my thoughts. How does that make sense. "i dot understand, so shut up" that's about one step away from sticking your tongue out at me in retaliation.

    You commenting on my answers in general is again, not relevant. Maybe you should worry more about being a hypocrite & less about what do or do not think, unless you actually want to discuss something. You are not going to get respect from me (this matters to me, if it does not mater to you,) if your default position, is "anything I do not think of or disagree with ,should not be in other peoples thoughts. " Really, grow up.

    • I think he knew it was a typo and was just trying to make a joke... No need to get so defensive =/

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    • Wow ha ha did I start all this? I'm guessing there were some posts on here that got deleted... cause there's talk of the QA commenting on your answer... anyway lmfao I was just making a joke and I can't believe all this happened. Anyway all I think I'm qualified to respond to is your first paragraph:

      #1. It was a joke... I know it's not that old... I just said it was for the sake of the joke (which I now realize was probably a pretty bad one).

      #2. Wasn't me. Was probably someone who didn't...

    • ... like how defensive you were being for no reason.

      #3. Are you referring to me when you say "he commented on my answer"? What was your response lol? Was it deleted or something? I is confus :(

  • I'm just under 5'1" and height doesn't bother me much. Tall guys are great but so are the so called "shorter" ones :)

  • I'm just over 5ft, I am not too fussed about height although I'd prefer if they weren't shorter than me, and that they weren't so tall that my neck would ache so much from looking up at him. I get intimidated when a guy is really tall (over 6ft 2)

  • I'm 5'3" and my boyfriend is the same height as you. Which is the perfect height for me. I prefer shorter guys because I don't have to strain my neck to kiss them and they're comfier to cuddle with :)

  • im 57 & I've been attracted to guys your height.

    • Damn that's old...

    • seriously.. if I was 57 that would mean I've had more relevant experience. when you get older it does not mean you lose experience, nor does it render your past experience useless, to current situations, you still went through it had have preferences.. it means you gain wisdom, moron.

      im 20 years old. I'm 5 foot 7.

    • Hahaha when did I say anything about experience? I didn't say anything like "damn that's old... you shouldn't be answering this question". And lmao it was just a joke. I know you're 20. I know you're 5'7.

  • I'm 5'7" and if a guy is close to my height or taller, I'm not bothered. 5'6" is close enough for me, I just wouldn't wear heels terribly often. I wouldn't worry too much about your height, if it bugs a girl you like, she's pretty shallow.

  • Honestly, just as long as he's taller. I'm 5', and I'd like for him to be a couple inches taller so I can wear heels and still be shorter.I really like this guy who is just barely taller than me, and I don't mind it at all. It's whenever you're shorter that I don't like it.

  • I just find a guy being taller than me really hot.

    They don't have to be like 6 foot but I mean I'm only 5'3 so anything 5'6/5'7 and above would be good..

    • but it doesn't matter about height.. short guys are cute too! :)

  • I'm small & I really am not too picky...I've dated a 6'4 basketball ball guy & another ex was 5'7...either way I just go for the guy. Both tall & shorter guys have great things about them, doesn't matter. ;-)

    • @update, I'm 5'3" ;-)

    • link

      "Tall. ;-) I'm with the others, I'd pick tall over a built-up body any day."

      Nice contradiction, I hate fake girls

    • I was told to pick one...so I did? But it doesn't really matter. In that poll...I'd pick tall over big muscles? That's all I was saying...if it came down To only those 2...


  • I do want a tall guy, but it has nothing to do with being self conscious, they just turn me on a lot. They also tend to gravitate toward me too. Most guys I've dated have been 5'11'' or above.

    • @update, I'm 5'2''

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