How dangerous is leprosy?

Does it deserve all the bad press it gets? Is leprtosy as bad as everyone makes it out to be?

Surely life as a lepper can't be that bad?


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  • all I know is that it is NOT contagious. many people think it is when it isnt

    • How do you get it then?

      Yet ANOTHER lie in the bible? Bible says it's contagious?

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    • Well it IS contagious, but not as highly as they thought it was in the old days. It requires a transfer of bodily fluids to be transmitted, but it's not contagious through air or touch. And I think if you're on some kind of treatment for it then it's not contagious anymore.

    • And apparently a high number of people are immune to it these days.

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  • There are two types of lepersy. There are "dry" lepers (not contagious) and "wet" lepers where it is contagious.

    It quite literally makes your body fall apart. One day you're doing the dishes and your ear falls in the may think that that disease definitely sucks. They used to have colonies for people infected with it but I'm not entirely sure whether they still exist.

  • I'm sure it's pretty bad since nobody wants to associate with you.


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