What catches a guy's eye?

Im not use to flirting since I have been in two long term relationships and have never really dated. So, I ummm don't really know how to flirt that well. Unless, of course, I get liquid courage. HELP!


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  • The most important rule to flirting is: Smile. Nothing says "hello, I'm friendly and approachable" like smile can. This will send a signal to guys that you are safe and inviting to talk to.

    After that, you're gonna have to improvise but here's a thread about dicifering the difference between friendly and flirting: link

    hope it helps.


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  • Smile is the biggest. Laughing, blushing, winking aren't that bad either. lol =)

  • when you find someone you are interested in you shouldnt need help flirting, since flirty should be the way you act around him and can't help but act that way.with that being said, touch him on the arm or anywhere else and giggle.works every time.


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