Most appealing/sexiest female rock star of any era?

Which musically inclined women have sex appeal dripping out of their pores, in your opinion, either now or in their prime?

I'll start with Dolores O'Riordan of Cranberries fame.



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  • I like your choice. I'm going to say Fiona Apple.

    • Yes, I love Fiona, too.

    • Geez she is pure sex, I think you may have locked down BA.

    • Wooo! She was the first one to pop into my head. You said Cranberries, so I thought 90s, and female artists. There are plenty of others from earlier decades too, but that's just where my mind went, lol.

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  • oo good one, Janis Joplin, god I love her, I see myself in her and I look similar to her, also my best friend looks exactly like Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane, we are like reincarnations of the two.haha

    • you were born in the wrong era. :P

      And you have it all over Janis in the looks department. :)

  • I love Hayley Williams. I don't know if I'd say she has sex appeal dripping out of her pores, but there's something I find incredibly sexy about her.


  • She's not exactly a "rock star", per se, but I would totally go lesbian for Annie Clark/St. Vincent link . Joanna Newsom, Bat for Lashes, Marnie Stern, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Chan Marshall, and that girl from The Pains of Being Pure at Heart too.

    That chick with bangs from Vivian Girls is also pretty cute (lol, see what I did there?) link

    And Francoise Hardy, while definitely not a rock star either, is gorgeous. link

    • Those are some beauties, I need to hear their music now to see if they're the total package. :)

      Yes, I saw what you did there. :)

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