Do you hate or love it when a girl tries to make eye contact with you?

Do you only like it when its a girl you think is cute or that you like..Or are you okay with it being someone you don't necessarily like, but isn't totally ugly :p

Or are you totally creeped out by it?... And if you are holding eye contact with a girl who would you rather have break away first..You or her?

Do you think its cute or what ever when she blushes and looks away or would you rather have her hold the gaze until you break away?

And girls this question is for you too lol just reverse it :p

Oh and just answer if you think its cute or whatever when she breaks away or if you would rather break away first in your anwser :)

Thank you :)
  • Hate it, its creepy :p
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  • Love it, no matter what
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  • Love it, but only if she's cute
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  • Hate it, even if she is cute
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  • Depends on how she's staring. A deer-in-the-headlights stare is a teensy bit creepy. A stare followed up with a smile is good. The look-away is important too. If she just averts eyes, I take it as her just wanting to look at me for a bit. If she moves her whole head, then I take it as her being interested. If she shifts her legs a bit and fidgets, bonus points.


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  • I've always found eye contact to be a little weird and awkward for some reason. I like it but I just feel uncomfortable just looking straight back at the other person. I guess it has to do with me being shy.

  • Love it,but I feel uncomfortable if she is staring or if in find her unattractive

    if I like her...i wait for her to break eye contact

    if I find her unattractive,i don't bother looking at her again

  • i like it and infact I revert with interesting signs :p

  • No I like it

  • Love it!


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