What should my next move be?

If you put yourself into the girls shoes, what would be your reaction and what would you be thinking?

I work in a mall and across from my work is a shoe store that has a really cute girl that works there (shes fricken gorgeous), anyhows on the odd occasion I look across there (it's hard not too) and sometimes I have noticed her looking over at me, but then quickly turns away (I've even noticed her talking to a work friend pointing at me...twice)

It's been going on for just over a month, but I only work 1-2 days a week (generally weekends, when it's busiest and she's not always working)

I previously went into the store to talk to her but it was busy and chickened out and could only ask 'how's work been today?'

I went into the store again today (when it wasn't busy, but still had one other customer) and tried to talk to her properly but I froze up and could only ask her questions about the shoes (her attention was split between me and the other customer).

Should I still try and talk to her and just be more direct, which I'm most comfortable with, by saying something like:

'hey, so I should have asked this last time, but did you want to catch up for coffee or a movie sometime? My name is ***** by the way'

Or is it beyond saving point and would I have creeped her out?


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  • Ask her, it can't hurt. Maybe she has been gushing to her co-worker about the cute guy across the way? You really never know. If you like her, it's worth a shot. If not, o well, at least you did it and now you know. Because if you let it go and don't do anything about it, you will always wonder what could have been.

    I would be flattered if a guy noticed me like that. So I would just go talk to her, be more direct this time and just ask for what you want. If you want to go out with her for a coffee, then ask her that.

  • She might like you, if you like her, try again, & try not to be so nervous. I know it can be scary to approach someone, but it's worth it if they like you too.


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