How do you agree when you can't agree?

Have you ever came to a point in your relationship where you can't seem to agree, if you do agree your doing it to only make the other person happy, while leaving yourself unhappy.

How do you deal with that? I went to a bar with my friends and I had a good time, I didn't even drink. It was just meeting people my age. I enjoyed myself. My boyfriend does not want that in his life style.

He says we do go out, and he doesn't want anyway but m, not with friends and the party life style. (even just chillin by a fire talking about old childhood times) He just wants me and only me.

I love him. but I want to go out and enjoy myself, have fun. because I'm 23 years old.

He says he wants to work hard now to enjoy life later. He said people told him that is the best. While people told me go out and enjoy your self now because you will never get there's years back. Then its night in with the kids. unable to go out, or your just to tiried. Also you got a lot more bills to worry about.


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  • Just tell him , you may be surprised ..


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