Awkard silence

I was wondering how many out there have had that 'awkard silence' with the opposite sex?

I have been speaking with this guy who isn't a close friend but when we do speak we can talk for ages but as we are talking and if we catch eachother's eyes we go into that 'awkard silence' mode. I'm thinking maybe I said something that may have pissed him off or he wants me to get out of his face. But he talks then he gazes really deep into my eyes and then goes all silent. This happens every time we talk. He is the one who usually approaches me and sometimes he will look down when he first sees me.

What do you do in those moments? Guys and girls, what goes through your mind when you have been in that situation?


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  • Cant say I have been in this situation much, but whne I have been I was probably thinking of something to say, also its a big sign that they possibly like you. I really doubt he is pissed at you. He is probably thinking of something else or finding something to say, or even just savoring the moment of seeing you!

    • So true. He is shy and I just found out that he has a crush on me so all your possibilities are right. Thanks for the answer.

    • Not a problem :)

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  • i think that you probably luke each other just a bit but both are too afraid to open up about it

    • You hit the nail on the nail on the spot. Thanks.

  • Run. Lol Just Kidding well first I panic on the inside and I usually ask a safe question. Like so what are you doing later or something similar.

    • LOL. That's what I usually want to do. Get as far as possible.

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  • dont over analyze, maybe they're busy thinking about work or something

    • Thanks for answer. I don't over analyze only in the worst form but your answer was what I thought first until he kept doing it.