Which style do guys prefer girls to wear? which do girls prefer to wear?

I'm more of the t-shirt and jeans type of girl. only because I'm insecure about my body and I have a skin condition. so I want to cover up!

if I can get away with being girly...i would.

I've heard guys like the feminine girls more...i know some do prefer the tomboys.

i also heard guys like girls with smooth skin lol

well...i guess I'm not what guys are looking for ha ha
  • T-shirt, jeans, sneakers.
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  • Dresses/shorts/skirts and shoes. pretty much the girlie type!
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  • I like to wear my birthday suit
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Most Helpful Girl

  • im in between. At home I'm wearing athletic shorts and t-shirts, but when I go out I wear nicer shorts and a tighter fitting t-shirt. I sometimes wear dresses when I'm in the mood. but I'm not insecure I'm just lazy and like comfortable clothes. ha ha so I don't know which one to choose, but I think B I guess, but I'm not that girly...oh well:P


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What Guys Said 2

  • Tshirt,jeans,sneakers

  • girls look nice when they appear girlie.

    They look sweet and cute.


What Girls Said 2

  • im a shorty - shorts and tabnk top always making my clothes look diffrent so I'm like a girle type but I don't wear dresses and skirts but I wear really short shorts and tabntops and t shirts

  • It depends. I like skirts a lot but I also like to wear jeans and a nice top but I'm not into the T shirt look.


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