I used to be attractive 3 years ago, but now...

I used to be very attractive about 2 or 3 years ago, but now, something's not the same about me...Everyday, I wake up finding that I have to dab on globs of concealer under my eyes just to look decent and I find that my skin somehow looks grey and just dull nowadays. My body shape is getting weirder as well...it seems like I'm prone to gaining weight in my upper arms, and that maintaing a decent physique means painstaking effort to eat extremely healthy or else everythng will go out of the window. A while back, it did not take me this much effort just to look decent. Just simply running outside a couple days a week was enough for me to maintain a very attractive physique...

I find that less guys are flirting with me out in public and that less attractive guys are making advances.

I used to feel very attractive a couple of years ago, now I just feel really plain and average (even my little sister mentions how my appearance has gone downhill)...i miss feeling very attractive!

Is this just the effects of aging? I'm only 22 years old...I can't begin to age already now!

Can anybody give me some advice or some similar personal experiences? I please don't tell me that beauty fades and what's on the inside, blah blah blah crap...


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  • Just age. Everyone goes through changes, some good, some not. It could all be just in your head also. As there's a saying, if you feel good, you look good. Have you been feeling not good about yourself lately? If not that can have an effect on how you see yourself.

    • well I have been depressed for the past year or so and I haven't been going out much either...

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  • two things

    maybe its karma wanting to show you the world through a less attractive person. (When you were attractive were you a good person or a mean person? )


    it could be that you still are pretty but now you are just more critical of yourself

    Anything happen in the last couple of years that could've changed your self esteem?

    • no, I was not a mean person or am I now.

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    • yes, I am actually depressed...and I don't have a lot of friends. I was actually recently academically dismissed from college and am attending community college, which is quite a change, in terms of student demographics and types...i don't feel like I fit in anywhere

    • :(

      I'm sorry. If you wanna talk about it feel free to message me

      Also, if you think about it. You've been "up there" before so you know what it feels like. You know how to get up there again. I'm sure you can get up there again :)

      Keep your head high =D

      I also have some inspirational quotes on my profile. If you wanna check them out.

  • women don't age as well as men

    • Most men tend to be more unattractive than women. I am one of the few women who are average.

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  • It might just be a rut in your life, try getting more sleep, more exercise and eating better. Stress often makes a difference not only mentally but in looks to so try relaxing and have some fun, laugh more and hang out with positive people :)

  • Please do not say that because I am feel that you are still pretty. I know that you might have a type of gene of looking older than you look. I would like tell you something because my situation is worse than yours and I am younger than you. Two years ago, I used to very attractive that I attracted a lot of men ogling at me and even catcalls. Everyone from all genders would smile at me and never put a disgusted or annoyed look on their faces. But now, I am 21 years old. Even though I do not have any disfigurement on my face, I am very ugly. Guys would ignore me or look away quickly when they see me. Guys used to drive slowly when they see me and now when they see, they ignore me and drive in their pace. I cannot go anywhere because everywhere I go, everyone tells that I am ugly.


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