What catches a guy's eye when he first sees a girl?

does he notice her "goods"? or features like eyes, lips?


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  • I notice her face first, during that second of looking at her face, I aim my eyes into her eyes. If they are something that grabs me about her eyes , like a feeling. An example Like the feeling of a warm summer breeze on a beach during a sunset. Something cheesy like that. That's what I want, a beautiful face altogether.


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  • boobs, also if she is in good mood...,her eyes,..., the way she looks at you and/or other people /things around her..what she is doing.., and also thin and long hair...,her voice,how you walk..all of that makes a total sum, almost inmediatly..

  • first, hip to waist ratio. then eyes and smile. and if they seem nice or stuck up

  • im not gonna bs you, its the boobs, then but, then face

  • basically her face. I am looking at her mouth and eyes, just to see if her smile is genuine or a fake one.

  • Smile/eyes.

  • well. from a long distance its always the goods. hard to see anything else.

    then from a shorter distance- for me its always the face. ecspecially the eyes. I love expressive eyes, ones that stand out from her face, after general face and eyes are probably lips, then other features in no particular order. oh. and too much makeup is a turn off...


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  • It depends on the guy and what he likes. Different guys will always look for the same feature in every girl they cross:

    -- legs/backside

    -- bust

    -- hair/face (specifics like lips, high cheekbones)

    -- small waist/curvy hips

    -- tall/petite

    SOME guys are looking for particular personality indicators: Your smile, style of dress, perfume, sound of your voice, and that sort of thing.

    My favorites are the guys who run a full visual scan from head to toe and just sort of trail after you with their eyes -- they're looking at the whole package, not shopping a la carte, lol. If the guy carries this out in a respectful way, it can be very flattering to the girl, especially if she's having only a "medso" sort of day. :-)

    Hope this is helpful!

    • Great answer I totally agree... The whole package look is good when I find the guy attractive if I don't I want to run...lol

      But if a girl has a cleavage is hard for a guy not to look it calls a lot of attention even I and I am not bi or a lesbian do lol

      S? if you want him to look to your face don't show the girls ;)

    • I can personally vouch for this.

    • Lol.

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