Dont you hate when women wear clothes that can't fit them?

Women wear clothes that can't fit them? If you have a nice shape and your body is TONE and very little cellulite wear whatever you want! But if you are over 30 pounds and have cellulite like you are 75 years old please leave the short dresses and shorts at home. I am not all that skinny but I wear what I can. This girl at my job she wears the most nastiest things ever...I am shocked no one has said anything...Sometimes women just try to hard...Thoughts?
I am not skinny! But I don't wear things that I HAVE NO BUSINESS WEARING... I just hate when girls try to hard...If you have the body for it DO IT! but please workout and get in shape before you wear something a snoty skinny BITCH!


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  • Honestly, I don't particularly care because I'll be too busy focusing most of my attention on the women who DO have good bodies to care about the old, fat and/or ugly ones. I'm mostly looking at them just only so I don't run into them.

    • Damn! Lots of hate for this huh? Even though I'm not hating on what they're wearing? Sheesh!

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  • I think people should dress for their body if they want to get noticed but if they don't care then they don't care.

    This shouldn't only apply to girls but guys as well :)

  • What I hate are snot nosed skinny bitches.

    • I am not skinny! But I don't wear things that I HAVE NO BUSINESS WEARING...

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  • People should be able to wear whatever they want regardless of what their body looks like :P I agree that people should buy their own size and not try to squeeze themselves into anything or be in denial about what they look like, but it's their body, none of my business.

    • It is my business when I have to see them and I am like DAAAAAAMNNNN...Tell the truth, somethings ain't RIGHT!

    • Why does it bother you so much? It's just a body. Fat and cellulite isn't really gross, in my opinion.

  • Leave Them alone.

    let people live their life... you wear whatever you like so let them wear whatevEver they like.

  • Or maybe she's poor and can't afford new clothes since she lost weight?

    • Oops, I mean gained weight...

    • She gain weight. I find that hard to believe because she have new clothes on all the time. She rarely DO REPEATS

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