What do I wear to dinner?

I'm going to dinner with this guy. We used to date but we decided to be just friends. He still has feelings for me but agreed to try this friend thing out. I don't want to give him the wrong impression at dinner tonight. What should I wear so that I don't look like I'm trying to impress him. I'm very into fashion so I wear dresses and skirts on a daily basis. I feel like wearing those might be a bad idea. Advice?


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  • it really depends on what image you want to portray. whether you want a whole, this isn't working image, or the I'm totally over you image, or better yet the screw you image. all depends.

    for this. working thing out, I would say go with a dress. I don't know why you think wearing a dress is a bad idea. don't wear a bright one tho, and keep it one color and on the low-key. something serious. xD.

    not sure if that helped =P


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  • If he knows you are already like that..why not just go like that..be yourself!

    • Well, thanks! You're right :)

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    • I updated it but there wasn't much to do other than update my age. Thanks though!

    • Yeah well it is a start!...

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  • I would say some nice jeans and a tunic with some flats. Its simple, but still cute.

    • I wish I had jeans washed, but I'll try that next time! Thanks! :)

    • Psh, throw those bad boys in the dryer, good as new, and all freshened up. You can wear your jeans more than once.

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