New clothes or quality foods? Tax free weekend, but I also want to get into shape.

So I'm wondering, what do you boys and girls think is a better investment, new clothes or quality foods? I've been wanting to go out and buy some really lean meats and healthy foods and start a strict work out routine but I could also use some new threads for school (mainly just some polo shirts), but what do you all think?


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  • Hmm..this is such a hard decision.

    I'm sure you could pull off both, really. I would say your main priority would be to go out and buy some new threads for school, especially if you really need some (You totally look great in polos by the way)... and just make an intention to eat healthier and buy better quality foods from now on.. that's not something you would be able to do in one weekend anyways, and there's many ways to keep in shape without spending anything. :p

    • Well I don't really "need" them per se but I would like some, because I only have two polos and one I don't really wear hahaha. I like that you have a vested interest in me buying some tho, and it doesn't hurt that you like em! ;P And I already eat healthy when I eat out (like subway) but I meant I wanted to get some really high quality groceries like hummus, chicken, spinach, , egg whites, etc.

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  • Good clothes are a must. Good quality clothes are going to last you year and will make you look great.

    I prefer to split the difference. If I can find great quality clothes for a sale price then Ill go for it, however, if I need something like new running shoes, winter jacket, etc, Ill willingly shell out the cash.

    However, I am the same with food. Ill scout the stores to find whatever I can on sale for good, healthy food, but Ill spend a bit more on lean meats and good tasty and healthy stuff.

    I think if you can split the two and scope out the deals, you'll do fine.

    • Yeah I was thinking like $100 of groceries :P I'll probably just use half of that. I did buy some new shirts not so long ago, but thanks.

  • food


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  • It's really up to you but if it was me I'd go with the food and workout routine, it will have a HUGE impact on your happiness and self confidence within just a few weeks and it will get you looking better in the clothes you already do have :P

    • Yeah that's kind of what I was thinking, I think I may just buy the foods heh.

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    • Some words of wisdom right there man!

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