False eyelashes recommendations?

hey girls, can you recommend some fake eyelashes that are subtle and look natural? my lashes are horrible, they're short and mascara does nothing to bring them out so I thought I would give falsies a try



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  • Diamond lash! You have to buy them online but they are awesome. They aren't made of human or animal hair, that would kind of make me weirded out. Their dolly eye lashes are the most natural IMO but they have lots of great styles

    • thank you

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    • you're welcome :D love to help another girl get fabulous lashes. my real eyelashes are thin even though I have thick hair and are only about 3-4mm long :( but falsies rock! if you want awesome makeup looks to go with the lashes try out gyaru. one of the staples of the fashion is fake lashes. shirogyaru.com is one of my favorites to follow as well as airanookyuu.tumblr.com. popcutie is another good tumblr as is ggggal. have fun with your new lashes! only thing about pinky paradise is that their

    • shipping is a little expensive. I was moving close to when I ordered them so I got the most expensive shipping. they were at my door within 4 days. its worth it! the package they send it in is kinda weird, mine shipped from malaysia and there were some customs papers inside. it's bubble wrapped to protect them too.

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  • you can find natural looking falsies at most places like wal-mart or dollar stores or anywhere that has a makeup aisle. and if you still think they're a bit long, you can trim them a bit, that always does the trick. :)

  • E.L.F has some pretty cheap ones.


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