What earrings should I wear?

I have really curly hair I'm mixed black and white when I wear my hair down should I wear hoops or diamond studs?


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  • what does your hair have to do with the earrings... wear which ever one you like... but get a second opinion from someone who sees you in both :))


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  • It doesn't matter what your hair and ethnicity is. Get both pairs and decide which outfit the earrings look best with. Generally when you wear your hair down, bigger earrings look better because you can see them more

    • it acually does matter what my hair looks like because that could help with what earring I should wear duh

    • Don't get smart with me. It doesn't matter. If you have wavy, curly, kinky, straight, short, long, medium hair you can wear any type of earring you want. What matters more is your outfit and face shape.

    • Dont get smart with you LMFAOO wtf

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