Should I change my appearance to be as pretty as my sister?

my sister and I are a year apart and go to the same high school.

someone thought it would be fun to pass a survey around asking who was the prettiest. 75% said my sister, 25% said me.

even though we're not identical, we look similar. we both have oval shaped faces and medium sized noses. her eyes and lips are a little bigger and her cheekbones are a little higher.

my sister dyes her hair blond, straightens it, wears makeup, and wears showy clothing.

i leave my hair brown, leave it curly, don't wear makeup, and wear looser clothing.

i'm wondering if I might be considered equally pretty if I put some effort into my appearance. what do you think?

some people left comments in the survey and said I looked plain now but could be pretty if I tried harder.


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  • I agree that you should put in some effort for your appearance but don't do what your sister does. People would make fun of you for being a copycat on top of everything else. I recommend gyaru makeup, it contours the face really well and makes eyes look amazing. It works with curly hair as well if it's a nice and defined curly instead of a bedhead frizzy curly. The eye makeup is amazing but doesn't work unless you wear fake lashes. They are really easy to do once you get the hang of them. Here are some good links to what I mean by gyaru



    link she is so pretty after! And she is a model :)



    These are from my favorite blogs. I also look at everyday gyaru for tips and inspiration. There are so many types of gyaru out there that there is sure to be one that you will fit into. Here's a link that explains most types of gyaru link Most gyaru combine two similar styles, I combine boho and romantic

    • Just make sure to transition from no makeup to fully done up or people will wonder "what gives?". Like start wearing eyeliner and mascara until you are comfortable and it is an everyday look. Then add in face makeup like foundation, blush, bronzer, and a white hilighter to contour your face. After that, add in fake lashes and you'll be very gal. You can do circle lenses if you need them, my irises are very big as is so I can make it look like I'm wearing lenses with the right makeup

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  • you could if you wanted to, but don't copy your sister. find your own style, one that works for you, not copy your sisters.

    also appearance isn't everything. remember that. its what is inside that counts.


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  • Well, of course a little effort never hurt anyone! But listen, I thought the same thing about myself when I was a wee bit younger than now. My sister was successful, pretty, popular, and looked quite a lot like me. And I always compared myself to her, but then I learned -as cheesy as it sounds- that I'm going to shine in my own ways. I mean, sure, I may take the rocky road to get where my sister is one day, but at least I'll know I'll do it. Be proud of what sets you apart from your sister! My sister has a giant ass, and I have no ass whatsoever. But I can rock skirts way better than her! You've got to know that surveys in school like the one you did, are only meant to hurt people. I'm not that experienced with life yet, but I've been where you are! Your sister may rock out a blond dye job, but you can rock out your fedora! Or whatever it is you like! I hate to sound like some selfimprovement guru, but just remember that your "time to shine" is already in motion, you've just got to be patient!

  • Putting more effort in generally pays off, it's very rare that someone is so naturally pretty that flattering clothing, hair and make-up aren't neccessary. I agree with Musical546 though don't just copy your sister, her style sounds pretty generic. Go for something flattering but a little more casual if that's what makes you comfortable.

    Also take into account if your sister is older people probably think she is prettier because she is more mature looking, you probably still need to grow into your look and be comfortable in yourself (since confidence is also really important)

    • actually I'm the older one, my sister is younger. but the funny thing is that she looks older than me. I guess her face just matured faster.

      but good advice, thank you.

  • LOL, it seems like you're jealous of her.

    • well of course I am. she's very pretty and popular.

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