Looking for a honeymoon bungalow!

so I am looking for a honeymoon hotel but I didn`t find something I like on the internet yet so probably one of you can help me

i thought of a little private bungalow with our on private beach with roomservice somewhere in the caribic or on bali or mauritius but anywhere would be ok

pirce doesn`t matter his father (who is manager...) pays...


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  • Google "Maldives honeymoon" and you'll find tons of sites that offer just what you're looking for. I hope you'll have a great time, wherever you end up going!

  • This is somewhere I would love to go someday:

    and since money isn't a problem...


    • ah thanks I have seen this before but I want to have our own little beach because you can never do "it" on the beach if 10 other couples live next to you ^^

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