How to look good to impress and get noticed?

well I ask this to all the girls, I'm trying to get noticed by this awesome girl, any recommendations on what to make me stand out without looking too extreme,

by this I mean clothes, any recommendations from a girls point of view would be great

(oh I'm also 16)


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  • shirts that aren't so cliche but still stylish. Shirts and pants that are fitting but not tight to your body. A sense of style that is laid back but looks nice and isn't so cliche like wearing everything from hollister or abercrombie or something (ugh!) I love v necks on guys in different colors. Here's some visuals of do's and dont's in MY opinion



    (I LOVE plaid on guys!)

    A CLASSIC COLORED V-NECK that's form fitting but not too tight)


    Here's some examples of how different types of jeans make someone look:




    Hope that helped a little!

    • That was a hreat answer. I like your Specificity with the links.

      But the "Don'ts" link goes to a Facebook profile, which is fine. . . .if you're logged into facebook.

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  • i like guys with different range of style. I like the fitted shirt look. but I also adore the jeans with holes that you made from wearing, with some cool story on how you ate it from skate boarding. or those jeans that look totally destroyed are cute too, but their pricey and there's no cute story behind it. just a nice regular t-shirt and jeans is all I need. have some confidence and personality to.

  • what do you dress like now?

    and what does she dress like?

    do you know what other guys she's dated?

    dont full change yourself though

    just talk to her and be awesome with your personality

    its sweet you asked though ^__^


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  • I'm not a girl, but here is what works for me. Shop at Express. Even if you don't buy all your clothes there, (I don't) just take a little time to look around at the style. If you can pull off that style with other labels, then great. Don't be afraid to ask the employees what they think, I have always found them to be helpful with style advice. Mix and match a little. A outfit of all one name brand is tacky. Invest in a good cologne. Toss a few accessories into your wardrobe. A necklace, a bracelet or a nice watch. Wear clean clothes and clean shoes, also that fit you well, too lose or too tight is no good. That's my style in a nutshell, hope that helps you out. Oh, also, confidence in the best way to get a girl, just don't be cocky.