How can I be girlie and pretty?

How can I be pretty? Girly?

im chubby but I'm working on it I'm on a diet already lost 10 poundss! :))

and I always wear tshirts and jeans because I only feel comforable in jeans and my hair in a ponytail and no make up or earrings I feel I look boyish


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  • Try wearing your hair down: curl it, have half-up etc.

    Try some make-up if you're comfortable with it on

    I totally know what you mean about being comfortable in t-shirts and in jeans. I don't wear dresses because I feel open and exposed, plus I suck at sitting in them properly. I mean I'll wear one if I go out but a daily little sun dress is a no.

    I would start out with just dressing up the jeans you have so you don't feel uncomfortable you know? :) Like a cute top instead of plain shirts. Like a top that hangs off the shoulders are so cute. It feels like you're wearing a baggy shirt plus it's cute and comfortable. :)


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  • Why...?

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    • Well nothing wrong with her wanting to dress up. Doesn't mean she's trying to be something she's not. So far she hasn't mention she doing it to impress people. lol

      I believe if you're doing if for yourself then it's fine. If you feel uncomfortable in the clothes then it's wise to re-evalute why you're changing yourself. Nothing wrong with changing it up a bit. :)

    • Change is only good when dealing with really should stick with who you come off as "fake" otherwise..

  • haha, just because you're chubby doesn't mean that you aren't attractive.

    as for the girlieness.

    some makeup, not too much.

    wear like skirts/dresses. it makes a girl look classy and attractive.

    wear some jewelry.

    AND BE CONFIDENT! let your personality shine through. be comfortable in your own skin. the good guys will notice this more than any makeup you wear.


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  • pink = girlie no matter what.

    shop @ charlotte russe, VS, wet seal etc.

  • -Makeup



    that is all.

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  • lots of pinks and pastels, dresses

  • Wear a lot of skirts

    Wear your hair down and keep it on the longer side


    Makeup. Try to accentuate your eyes with eyeliner and mascara and keep the rest natural looking.

    Girly shoes. Especially little heels

    Girly colors


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