I changed my style, are these the right choices girls?

I'm turning 16 soon and I've never had a girlfriend or anything. I have realized why. It was my style and hygiene. I used to not wear deodorant. I used to use cheap shampoo and conditioner and I used to not use soap. I wore glasses. And my teeth were on the yellow side. Yes, ik I was nasty. Haha. Well I've changed for the better. I want to know if the following things are right to change to. I am tan now, where as I used to be quite white. I had acne but I'm using this stuff called Acneree severe which is a skin miracle. I know where contacts and I brush, floss, and use mouthwash 2x a day. I also used crest whitestrips. I use American crew shampoo and conditioner and use dove men plus care bodywash. I use a light scented old spice deoderant. And I use a couple sprays of hollister jake. I have girls all over me now ha ha lol.

Is there anything I should change, like brands or anything?


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  • Well if the girls are over you, you really don't need to change anything lol. I'm happy you took an effort and improved your hygiene. We girls like that. :D


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  • Congrats on making the necessary improvements to better your hygiene. I think you're good as far as hygiene and scents

  • Wow go you! That's wonderful and its seem like you're doing great on your own you've got the appearance and smell down ,i can't think of anything.

  • wow girls are all over you knoww I'm shocked you did sound disgusting lol y would you want to change brands if things are going good right now nd girls are comn at ya dnt fukn change lol unless there ugly

    • thank u, well I got some not so hygienic parents so had to learn things on my own, you know

    • OOOOO SUKSS for you but yeaa I no what you mean lol

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