Is $50 a fair price for getting makeup done professionally?

at sephora a $50 purchase means you can get your makeup done professionally. so you can look at it as buying something and getting your makeup done for free or paying $50 for a professional makeover and getting something for free.

you think I should start saving all my purchases for nights when I have something going on? haha.


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  • It's a good deal if you need to restock on make - up - might as well get it done while your there^^

    But, $50 just to get someone to splash some powder and color on your face? Kind of a steal regarding the company.

    Plus, if you bought 50 bucks worth of makeup, I'm sure you can make your face up quite well - if you need some tips, google is always available lol.

    I'm cheap like that though lol - like why pay $50 bucks for some make - up and to get your face made up for only one day?

    That 50 bucks can buy you eye - liner, mascara, foundation, an outfit, and a pair of shoes if you stretch it right he he, but if you got it like that - hey by all means, go get pretty lol...


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  • Idk about you but if I want my make up done professionally, I go to nordstroms and get it done for free.

  • Really? I didn't know they had that service. I think it's definitely worth it

  • Yah that might be smart.


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