Humidity makes my straight hair curly.

Long story short, after I take a shower, my bathroom gets very humid. Once I finish blow drying my hair, the bathroom is even more warm. And then some strands of my hair will start to curl due to the humidity.

I don't know why this happens, but I guess I'd some advice on protecting my hair from the humidity or a solution to cooling down the bathroom after a shower. Does any one having any prospect on this?
lol, GAG re-worded my question.

I liked the way my question was worded, not sure why they changed it...

It said, Humidity + Straight Hair = Curls, WTF


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  • Yeah that happens to me too. You have to allow yourself enough time if you want to do this, but I like to towel dry my hair after I shower, go out of the bathroom for a while and keep the door open so the room airs out and the humidity goes away. Then after a half hour or so your hair will be somewhat dry especially if you keep towel drying it during this time (comb your hair out and squeeze the bottom then run a towel over your strands) and so if you go back into the bathroom it shouldn't be so hot and humid anymore.

    Or if you need to blow dry your hair faster, go to a different room where it isn't as hot and blow dry it there right after the shower, since it isn't so humid you won't feel all sweaty and warm like you would in the bathroom right after the shower.

    At the very least just keep the door open after you shower!


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  • lol look at my hair in my pic...omg...its a frizz disaster...i haven't found a serum...that can controll it...i haven't straightened my hair in ages...i think I have them same problem...even worse because I have black people hair...and I walk around like a lion lol.

    • Well, if it helps at all, I think your hair looks nice in your picture.

    • Thanks. Your hair does too...Even was already striaght... answer your update...G.a.g is stoooopid. lol

  • lol, that's pretty normal :p just put some anti-humidity product in it, herbal essences, aussie, john frieda all have decent stuff.

    • have you used it before, did it work for you?

    • john frieda works. it's a bit on the expensive side, maybe not something you want to use all the time- but it works.

  • I hate when that happens, blow dry your hair in a different room. Use fans or be near an ac, and it won't frizz as badly. :)

  • try a deep conditioner to smooth your hair

  • open the bathroom door? go out of the bathroom? just let your hair do it's natural thing?


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