What should I buy at Sephora?

right now the vibs get a free makeup kit with a $35 purchase. I have $40 to spend. this is the list of stuff I need:

entire hair care kit: $192 all together. I could buy a few separate pieces of the kit but what's the point if I need all of it to get my hair nice?

face wash: $85

lipstick: $15

eyeliner: $66 for the three colors I use ($22 each)

foundation and concealer: $43

i'm running low on all these things so I don't need them RIGHT NOW but I will need them all in the near future.

should I spend my $40 on something from this list or should I treat myself to some fun things and then save money for all the stuff I need later?


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  • VIPs

    • Might as well buy some Evian water while you're at it.

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  • Why spend all this money on cosmetics? I have a bunch of natural beautifiers that are healthier for you, do a better job, and at fraction of the cost. A lot of this make up is bad for your skin and a lot of these hair products are bad for your hair

  • Get the hair care kit you don't need makeup your a very beautiful women ;)


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  • wtf.

    use drug-store brands like neutrogena for your face... if you match up the chemicals, it's all pretty much the same. and what the HELL are you doing to your hair?!?! how is that $192?

    • i use natural skin care products with NO toxic chemicals. so actually when you match up the chemicals it's not the same, mine are better for your skin.

      i use a brazilian keratin treatment that keeps it permanently straight. it's expensive but SO worth the time saved straightening every morning and fixing it every time humidity makes it curl up.

    • alrighty then. I'd buy the foundation/concealer.

  • what fashwash costs 85? what brand are you using?

    i would say treat yourself to something new and worry about the others when you need them


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