How come guys put up such unflaterring pictures of themselves on dating websites?

I notice guys put up pictures of themselves partying, hugging scantily clad women, obviously really old pictures or pictures of them with a group of people as if we woud automatically know which one they are.

Why do this? The ones where the guy is partying or with scantily clad women makes them look like a bunch of douche bags. Pass.

The ones that are blatantly old or fake or in a group of people I pass right by too. If I don't find a guy attractive or can't even see his picture, I assume he is unattractive and I won't even read his profile.

Sure personality goes a long, long way but you need physical attraction too unless you are just looking for a friend, and I don't mean the kind with benefits.
I am glad the douchy guys put up douchy pictures, that way I don't have to find out the hard way.


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  • I just hate having my picture taken, but I'm not that dumb. Every one of my friends is terrible, purely terrible at taking pictures too.

    • Oh, I know this one guy that even airbrushed his skin in a picture. Come on. Not even women do that.

    • I have also been approached by guys, all different guys, using the same picture picture of this one model. It's a joke.

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  • i know that I might look like a ladies man or a player on my pic :D but I made it profile pic cause I like how I look on it.

    • and by the way, I don't have nay good pics with only me in them lol

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    • OK but do you realize that a pic like this will actually turn girls away instead of attract them. Again not a dating site so it still doesn't matter on here. Sure you look cool to the guys but I don't know many girls who would go for you when this is how you are portraying your self on a dating site where assume you are actually trying to meet some girls.

    • tbh I never looked it from womens point of view

  • guys aren't constantly snapping pictures of themselves like women. They are too busy running the world

    • LOL..Well I guess they are too busy to get laid too.

  • ...because they know no difference...

    Never underestimate the power of ignorance!

  • If they take douche bag pictures their probably douche bags.

    • I know that is why I added the update.

  • because we don't have people to take flattering pictures of us.

    • I take my own pictures.

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  • They think we think its hot. and cool in some twisted retarded way I guess. I think most guys suffer from mild retardation personally.

    • LMAO I love your answer.

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    • LOL Xia, if you want just a piece of meat, buy yourself a pig. You can even eat it afterwards.

    • lol, it's not 1950. We can do everything just as good if not better than your punk ass. You cannot even cook and are probably horrible at sex and need one of those mail order brides right?

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