Do I have a right to be annoyed?

OK so I live with my mom still because I have one year left of high school and my step-dad is always telling me to do the laundry get him coffee and make dinner and just stuff like that. Well I have a son who's 5 months old I take care of him and do all his sh*t also I wash everyone's clothes so I'm constantly doing laundry pretty much or just stuff he wants me to do that he can do himself. Honestly I wouldn't mind doing it if it was my clothes and my sons clothes or if it was like I was on my own and everything.

Well my step-dad doesn't have a job or anything so he pretty much just sits around all day on his laptop. The last time he lost his job he told my mom that he was going to take like 1 to 2 months of just relaxing really and then start finding a job well those 1 to 2 months lasted 3 years! and I did just about everything then because my mom was going to college and working at the time so she didn't have time to do much of that stuff. Well during that time I told him I had enough if he wanted his clothes clean to do it himself so he did. and when he got a job again I did all that stuff. Well now he doesn't have a job and he cooks sometimes but a majority of the time he's doing nothing while I'm doing stuff and he calls me lazy and all that. And he also gets mad when I take my son for walks or just go out for a little while but he's always telling me I need to get out of the house for a while. ugh so do I have a right to be annoyed or am I just over reacting here.
  • I should be annoyed he can take care of himself I'm not his mom.
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  • I shouldn't be annoyed he's older than I am and I should just deal with it.
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  • You should be annoyed. As payment for staying there I could see part of your "rent" is that you do all the laundry. It's not like you have to pedal the machine. It pretty much does all the work for you.

    As far as getting him coffee & that I agree with you. He can get up off the couch & get it himself.

    Dinner on occasion may be OK as you wrote, your mom is going to college and working at the time so she didn't have time to do much of that stuff.

    What's he doing to earn his keep?

    When he calls you lazy say I did X,X & X today. What have you done to help mom out?

    • he watches my siblings and I but I'm just about 18 my brother is 13 and my sister just moved in with our dad but she's almost 12 so we're pretty independent at this point. and like I said I wouldn't mind doing things for my son and I like wash our clothes do the dishes I use and I don't even mind cooking dinner some nights But I get really annoyed when I'm the one doing just about everything and he's sitting on his a$$

    • I can see that. Like I wrote What's he doing to earn his keep?

      I guess he figures he's the man of the house but from what you wrote what kind of man doesn't take any job in that 3 yr. time frame.

      What can you do? Grin & bear it. Just remember your Mom out there working & going to school

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What Guys Said 1

  • You and your mom are working hard for that loser, tell mom to dump him, you guys are better off without him.

    • he makes my happy though and he's been there for me unlike my dad but he does stuff like this that just p*sses me off

What Girls Said 2

  • Ugh...doesn't sound like a good situation on any level.

  • wow he seems like a douche


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