How do you read womens' looks?

When I am walking around the street or in a bar or club I get eye contact all the time. Thing is it is so hard for me to read. Is she looking at me because I am looking at her? Is she looking at me because she is attracted? Is she looking at me because I look different from most people? Do I look familiar? ETC so many different interpretations. Guys and girls, are you good at reading looks?


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  • It really depends. If she is smiling, giggling, blushing, it means she wants you to come on over. If she looks at you and looks away while tossing her hair away from you, it's like dude you're out of my league. If she looks at you and looks nervous she is most likely self conscience. Hope this helps because I am speaking generally, not every girl is like this. I know it's tough to read people in general, but girls drive themselves crazy (their looks, their laugh, etc, we think about every detail which is why we are so organized), so it will make a guy crazy too.


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  • Lol Same thing here...but oposite.

    They are numerous reasons...maybe if you wave...or will figure it out...if she was looking at you randomly...she will quickly turn away...but seriously it depends on the person...

    Everything you said can be all depends...if it gets to that point go up there and say something lol...jk..that creepy..:)


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