Do you still look at girls if you are in love?

Do you always look at girls no matter what. Or if the girl you are with you are in love with and think she is gorgeous do you only have eyes for her?
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  • I know some are not going to agree with me but I think every man is going to look. I'm not saying he is going to wish he was with her, or even that he will think of her at all. It is human nature to look at things that are pleasing to us. Even sometimes without realizing it. I'm not talking about staring. That is different. But everyone is going to glance. Would you walk by a nice car or a pretty flower and not look. A man can have a woman he truly believes is the most beautiful in the world and he will still look.

    • This man speaks the truth

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    • ok well then I ssuppose I meant staring I think that glanceing and looking are different though

    • Those terms are all relative to time and each has a different meaning to different people. Its all about how you would define a look. The best thing would be to tell the guy your with that you're uncomfortable. He should understand as long as your not being overly sensitive about it.

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  • It's not me that looks, it's my eyes, honestly! I just can't help it, sometimes I don't even realize I'm looking.

    • lol

      I was saying to this guy that I have never seen my boy look at another girl and he thinks I am beautiful even when I have the flu. He thinks I am wrong but I think I am right.

  • No, we always notice pretty women, no matter what the circumstance. Girls don't alwaysnotice other guys?

  • If I'm in love and with a girl, I might notice if a girl is attractive by normal standards, but I really have no attraction to another woman, period. When I fall for someone, I fall for them hard -_q

  • Never.

    Even if I'm out with just a friend that is a girl I never look at other girls.

    That's rude. I asked her to lunch/dinner to talk to her. I keep my eyes & attention focused on her.

    Conversely I was out with the guys for pizza. I noticed this girl that was on a date kept looking at me. He actually turned around to see who she was looking at. I'm sure there wasn't a 2nd date for them.

    I kinda felt bad for the guy. That's a big part of why my eyes never wander from any girl & I feel that it's an insult to be looking & make her feel like that other girl is more interesting or prettier.

  • Don't pretend girls don't look too, lol geez

    • not a long leering look it might register like eh but that's about it

    • I do the same thing.I love looking at really attractive guys,but I'm slick about it. I don't gawk at them...but I sure do look.

    • i stopped checking out other guys :)

  • We're wired to look, we can't really help it.

  • I stopped checking out girls =D

    • Lemme guess, you check out guys.

    • Nah man

      I'm not gay. I'm straight. I found that when I check out girls it would go straight to lust and that's not a good thing. So I stopped

  • We all look. If we're straight and healthy, we'll look. It'll make us hard and horny, but you'll benefit from that later. And no matter how much we love our girl, our minds will occasionally wander to the hot piece of ass we saw earlier in the day as we're having sex with our girl.

    It's just human nature.

    • Not really... I just want to f*** her in the moment then I forget she even existed, lol.

  • i gotta look at Gods creations lol


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