He looks when I post things but won't talk to me?

This guy is driving me crazy, he will look and look at everything that I post online, anywhere he can find me. yet he won’t say anything to me. We haven’t actually had a convo for around 18 months but he will continue to look and read anything and everything I post. What can I say to make him actually say something? I tried to talk to him via the things I write, I sent him an email; and got nothing in return. I have pretty much given up on him but yet he won’t stop (even after I tell him to.)
he was out of state for 5 days and NO hits on any of my sites, now he comes home and suddenly I'm back to getting hits?!?! seems kinda strange to me...


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  • How do you know that he's looking at EVERYTHING if you haven't talked to him in over a year? I think you're assuming too much. If you've tried to talk to him DIRECTLY and he hasn't responded then just leave it be and stop worrying about him.

    • so I'm just suppose to let it go and pretend I don't know its him?

    • I don't understand how you can possibly tell that he's looking every single thing you post on every single website.

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  • he sound a little creep to me if he keep looking at and never said a word to you.I think you may have stock,er on your hands you need to find a way to block him from what web site you are posting on


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  • Ya seriously. How do you have any way of knowing he is reading your stuff?


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