Average - good looking guys: How often do you have unattractive girls interested in you?

For all the guys out there ranging from average to good looking, do you often get girls that are unattractive pursuing you?

I ask because as I look back on all the girls that have had crushes on me or hit on me over the course of my life, I get pretty discouraged. Only one of them has been hot, and the rest have been nowhere near close to even minimum standards, let alone hot. This got me thinking about my own looks. Is it common for less appealing girls to chase guys out of their league? Or do they pretty much stick to ugly guys because they've lowered their standards so far? I'm hoping to hear that good looking or at least average looking guys deal with this too. If not, I have to assume that the latter scenario is more accurate and that I'm just ugly. I really can't tell if I'm good looking or not. I would've just added a picture, but I know how much everybody hates those threads, so I thought I'd try and figure it out this way.



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  • I have to say, as a not very attractive girl, I go for not very attractive guys. My guess is that you're probably not very attractive yourself, or at least, your standards for women in terms of physical appearance are too high compared to what you look like yourself.

    • I'm going to have to disagree with you there. I've actually always kept my standards pretty realistic. I've been attracted to girls that everyone else thought to be ugly on more than one occasion. The thing that's bothering me is, if I'm not good looking, what was up with that one hot girl? Like, she was absolutely, undeniably smoking hot, and she had me in her bed before I could even comprehend what was happening. Then she told me for days afterward over and over again that I'm "gorgeous."

    • I mean, she was insanely hot, AND she found me appealing enough to cheat on her boyfriend with me; that has to mean SOMETHING, doesn't it?

    • She gets turned on by slumming it? ;) Just kidding.

      People have different views on what they find attractive. It could be that most hot girls don't find you attractive, but that doesn't mean that there are no hot girls that would ever find you attractive.

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  • I've had a few cute girls have crushes on me, had a few not so cute girls have crushes on me, including one very heavy girl who sent me nudes on my Myspace page (this may be one of the reasons I don't have much of a sex drive anymore lol). Now, I have to ask you, how many times have you been attracted to a woman who was out of your league? I know I have.

    • Yeah but there's a difference between being attracted to someone and hitting on someone. Sure I've been attracted to girls that are out of my league, but I don't approach them because it's pretty obvious I'd have no chance. These girls are actually approaching me, which, in turn, would mean that these girls are looking at me as someone that's in their league, and considering most of them have been really unattractive so far, that's making me worry that I'm not a good looking guy :/

  • i don't have a whole lot of girls flocking over me but when I do, they're pretty good looking.. but I attribute that to my personality, not my looks lol

  • None at all.


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