Can anyone achieve a hot model like body?

im trying to lose weight and pretty much want a makeover, I want to look model-esq but healthy at the same time and sometimes I feel discouraged that my body can't be slender I don't know if its my bones and muscle or what but I'm just thick am I stuck this way forever? or can anyone achieve a healthy, slender body? I am tall too so height is not the problem its just that I have a lot of muscle mass and some fat padding and may be big bones


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  • Firstly; "big bones" - what a load of bull. That's just one of the long line of excuses fat people use to explain their overweighted-ness.

    Secondly; loosing weight is not the trial people make it out to be. The two best things you can do are:

    - cut down on your meals, smaller portions, no take-sways or fast food, less fat, and NO snacking. Although, don't go cold turkey, because few people can actually do this. Allow yourself the occasional small chocolate bar. And by occasional I don't mean every hour.

    - and drink lots of water, this will counteract the urge to snack.

    After that all the exercise kicks in. The most important of which is cardiovascular exercise, running, swimming, cycling etc, the more you sweat, the more weight you'll loose. I always found sprinting VERY effective and burning fat.


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  • There are models of all body types, and you can find out which ones have which type. It completely depends what type of model you are looking into imo. VS models are almost all ectomorph body type, which is why someone like Tyra Banks was so different because she was one of the few VS Mesomorph types. People can be blends (im ecto/meso), so you should look into what you are personally.

    I say all this because I know you asked the question wanting an answer, so there ya go. HOWEVER, don't try to change yourself so you can be like someone you see on TV for 7 seconds 3 times a week. Girls with muscle = insanely hot. I'm not saying don't be healthy, but I am saying don't try to change how you are naturally :)


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  • i have a friend who is thick. that's not a code word for fat. she's in excellent shape. but God gave her a thick body and she could never be slender even if she starved herself. your body is shaped like it is and you can't change that. just be healthy.

  • some people have it...some don't...

    with hard work and exercise and proper can loose weight and get fit...but still have only some can't get to the model point.


  • yes models can


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