My boyfriend hates when I look cute?

My boyfriend seems to always complain about the way I dress and never compliments me. Whenever I walk out the house I usually look cute. In the fall we're going to college together and he keeps trying to convince me that all girls on campus wear sweats and over sized tshirts so I should do the same, and no one bothers to look nice. I'm not knocking girls who chose to dress that way, however, I personally feel uncomfortable walking around all day in sweats. He even complains when I put makeup on, and its never crazy or dramatic. I don't wear makeup for him or to cover things up, I wear it because I like it and think its fun. I wish he'd stop trying to change me and instead embrace the way I am and appreciate it. I know he barely has a sense of style but that doesn't mean I have to as well. Dressing nice makes me feel good and I just wish he'd respect that. What should I do? Especially since I haven't been dressing as nice as I used to since he started complaining. I feel like he doesn't ever want me to look nice.


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  • This one is easy- he wants you to dress down because he isn't comfortable with other guys looking at you, or the random thought that you're dressing up for other people. Basically, he's being controlling and has an anxiety that you're going to get attention elsewhere.


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  • How long have you been together? Tell him he is acting controlling, he doesn't want you to dress nice because he doesn't want other guys looking at you. Just say it's your thing, your gonna dress how you want (as long as it's not super slutty or anything lol) tell him to stop trying to control you and if it continues maybe consider breaking up. The only reason I say break up is because small forms of control like this turn into bigger forms over time

    • We've been together almost two years, and yeah you're right thanks :-)

    • well I'm sure you guys have communication then, just try talking to him :) and thanks

  • He seems a little controlling he shouldn't be allowed to tell you how you can or can't dress, that's your own personal choice. Don't let him change you just as the same as for you not changing him x

  • Basically I think he's a little insecure, you look good, so that means other guys would look at you...aka he's afraid you would leave him for some other guy...My guyy complains about me, when he thinks I'm wearing too much makeup...but most of the time I don't wear THAT much general I think guys don't like a lot of make up...however reguardless, he shouldn't complain about you wearing make up, and how you dress... I think this is just about him feeling insecure...I would sit down with him and talk with him, and tell him how you feel, and let him explain how he feels...Reassure him that you picked him for a reason ;p that happened with my boyfriend, though different long have you guys been dating?

  • seems like he's afraid other guys will notice how cute you are and then you would leave him for another guy.


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