Is this sort of jawline unattractive on a girl?


It resembles mine quite a bit, and I feel it looks kind of mannish. A lot of models, like the one in the photo, (and men, can I just say) have this kind of jawline, but people always go on and on about how masculine and ugly models are. Is it ugly on an ordinary person?

I also think that my ears being small only emphasize the size of my jawline. Will getting heavy earrings make my ear lobes bigger? And therefore make my jaw line (the line right under the ear - that's almost vertical) shorter? Also, do you think earrings could help to make it look less masculine?

(Note: I don't actually look at all like the good looking model in the picture, just our basic facial outline from that angle is pretty similar.)

Thanks in advance for any help!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Seeing as she's a model I'd say her jawline is just fine. Without looking at the rest of her I still have no issue with her jawline and a strong jawline isn't a bad thing at all. It looks fine but I don't think guys look for it as much as girls do. A lot of models seem like they have stronger jawlines because they are very thin.

    • Yeah, that's probably true. My face was a bit softer when I was younger and fatter. Thanks for your answer :).

    • I think weight does have something to do with it. My face looks more feminine when I'm at a normal weight as opposed to when I'm underweight.

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What Guys Said 4

  • I think it's a nice jawline... not that I always acknowledge jawlines, but I'll probably notice from now on. lol

    • Oh that's good to hear. Pretty interesting that you don't/didn't actually. Jawlines are like the first thing I notice. Probably because I'm obsessed with mine..

    • Well,what the hell is your like?

    • I like this kind of jawline: link

      Good balance of definition/femininity and it's symmetrical.

  • It's not unattractive, no. Its fine.

  • i don't see anything wrong with it

  • Looks fine to me.


What Girls Said 2

  • Her jawline looks fine to me, but this is coming from a girl with a prominent, mannish jawline herself.

    • I like your jawline! It tapers quite nicely, I think. But I'm glad you think it looks fine :).

  • This is such a pointless question.

    It looks ordinary.


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