Tall women, how do you deal with the height issue?

I'm actually 6'2" myself, so for me to meet a girl who is even close to being my height or taller is somewhat rare (at least in the U.S.). I have nothing against short girls and I've had girlfriends who were as short at 4'10".

My quandary is that whenever I do see a girl who is my height or taller, I find it to be a big plus. Yet I know a lot of women (mostly due to society views and immature guys from what I can tell) won't date a guy who is shorter than they are or isn't at least a few inches taller.

So even though they are very unlikely to find a guy who is taller, they won't date a guy who is shorter. This has popped up as I recently met a girl who is 6'4", is a great person, and incredibly beautiful but she won't date a guy who is shorter, even though I'm 6'2".

Also, a poll for the guys: Do you find women taller than you appealing and if she was willing would you date her?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • well , I'm not that tall 163 cm but when I wear heels I can be :D

    i really wouldn't want to date a guy that is shorter tbh .. I feel that he has to be taller ..imagine a tall woman and a shorter guy kissing , I don't seem to find it nice :S

    • I'm actually around 188cm, so even with heels you'd be a bit shorter than I am. :-P I don't see anything wrong with a woman who is taller kissing a guy who is shorter than her.

    • :) well it depends on how you think .. I wouldn't feel comfortable kissing a guy shorter than me .. why don't you ask the girl why she isn't comfortable with dating a shorter person :)

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What Girls Said 1

  • Lol, what a lovely question. Yes, I am a fellow female giant and I was incredibly insecure about my height throughout my teens. I would NEVER have dated a guy shorter than me, or even under 6', because I didn't feel feminine enough around shorter guys.

    Once I got out of high school I got a lot more comfortable. Ironically, this site helped me a lot in getting over my height issues in terms of dating. I don't think I would date a guy much shorter than me, but an inch or two shorter I would be okay with. I know how stupid it is to be so hung up on something so shallow, but you're right in that society and a lot of guys put down tall women, or at make us useful only as "models". Which is just stupid.

    Anyway, I think it's mainly that sh*t about men wanting to feel like they can protect their girlfriend, or whatever. I feel like a guy will probably feel emasculated with me if I'm taller. If the guy is cool with it, I would be too. F***everyone else.

    • Haha, I know I can protect a girl, been doing martial arts for around a decade now and have a military background. I just don't look like a meat head. :-D

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    • ... Waaaaaa?!?! Female giant, excuse me if I've asked in the past and forgotten (sh*t memory... very sh*t indeed) but how tall are you? I knew those lovely trotters belonged to a tall person ;)

    • I'm 5'10" :)

What Guys Said 2

  • E (moving the current E down one): I don't give a sh*t either way.

  • i love tall girls!


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