How to stop feeling ugly?

This feeling of ugliness is getting to be too much for me. There are literally times where my natural instinct is to turn away if a good looking girl is in the room because I can't stand knowing that she can see me.

The weird thing is that I'm not even sure if I actually AM ugly or not, but I don't suppose it matters either way because I FEEL ugly regardless. Because of this, I spend way too much time trying to find affirmation on my looks, which is (obviously) quite pathetic, and it usually doesn't work anyway. Besides, nobody wants to see "rate me" threads on ANY board.

So, does anybody have any tips for changing my perspective on this? Whether I'm actually ugly or not, I feel ugly all the time and I hate it. Yes, I know, "inner beauty" and all that, but I'm having a hard time not hating my insides, too.

Anybody else on here ever find a way to get past this feeling? :(


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  • Yeah, I know how that feels. I used to be overlooked by girls all my life and have girls that I did love run off with a hotter guy. I was normally quiet but in reality I was always down and easily insulted. I was a chubby guy that girls liked talking to when the hot guy isn't around. Though they wouldn't date me, I started to put myself down till I did something about it. I changed my attitude and lost the weight and started focusing on other things except females. Its kind of funny how I stopped worrying about finding love and girls, they wind up finding me. One of the girls I used to have a crush on back in Middle school saw me and was talking to me. " Oh I thought you were always cute back then" Me : "Oh really? Then why didn't you say anything to me about it?" She would either just smile or try to change the topic. In the end I realized I didn't need attention or someone who was shallow. So in a way its better to just focus on yourself and tell yourself your not ugly. Each person in this world is different from the next in personality, thoughts, and looks. No one is truly ugly or truly good looking. It differs on each person's opinion. That's my opinion, because from what I see, Everyone doesn't always agree on the same thing =)


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  • Its called post your picture on Gag reality check and ask people to rate you. Then you will find out if you are ugly

    • Yeah I'm just kind of worried that someone I know might find it X(

    • Keep one for a while and then delete it after a month

  • i get like that too don't worrie get a new mirror that you find at the store you look good. because I don't know I think some mirrors make people look diffrent. also hang around with ugly people lol I know its shallow but it makes you feel better . just people don't admit it. and stop conparing yourself to people that what makes people feel bad about themselfs.

    • "stop conparing yourself to people that what makes people feel bad about themselfs."

      This is so true

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  • Well you can always change your physical appearance i.e. new clothing style, hairdo, etc. whatever you can to the point where you can look in the mirror and thin "god he's looking sexy." The trick is, if you feel sexy on the outside, you may feel sexy on the inside as well.


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