My friend is hotter than me.

So my best friend for 10 years is hotter than me. She's obviously to this fact and doesn't understand why I or other people think so. We are both 20, both have bleach blond hair, and side bangs. But that's were its ends. She has this face that people are just drawn to, her personality is the cold distant yet flirty and party animal type. She knows how to make guys addicted to her. Also she has like DD's for being a size 2-4 jeans. I know she's better looking than me, people have said it before, the thing is I'm not ugly, I'm actually pretty decent, I'm just not her. It's like every guy I like, either likes her, or my other friend, who is beautiful to.

Before we even talk to a guy or notice them, they've already decided that they want her. I'm always the one who is left for the other friend, who is probably secretly sour because they're stuck with me. Also if there's 2 guys me and my two best friends, I'm always the clock block just sitting by myself, while they're having the time of there lives. I just need some advice, guys and girls, what can I do to make myself stand out more, or be noticed by guys is there something I am missing?


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  • "I'm always the clock block just sitting by myself, while they're having the time of there there something I am missing?"

    Yeah, that.

    I think that if a girl is extremely approachable and has a bubbly personality then she gets bumped up a few points. If you are something like a 6.5 you can easily go to a 8.5 if you were more like that.


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  • oblivious* to this fact

    where* it ends

    beautiful too*

    (my two best friends and I)*

    cock block*

    their lives*

    Maybe if you spelled better?

    Also, why should you care what she looks like. Be Yourself. Your day will come. Be Patient!

  • Without seeing some pictures, I can't say what you are missing, or compare you with your friend. Are you sure it is not your body language that is sending out the wrong signals?


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  • What I do know is that at the end of the day, it's all about personality. Guys will choose the less hotter girl over the hot girl if the less hotter girl knows how to show him a good time all of the time and make him happy.

  • a picture would help


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